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Beats Grind & Life Podcast: Episode 069 Mark Cooper

This week we got Detroit Producer Mark Cooper. His story is one of inspiration that you have to hear. The battle producer talks about getting knocked out of every producer showcase in the first round to now winning showcases. The iStandard Showcase winner also talks about touring with some of the top Comic-Cons as an artist and also being a “doer” instead of hoping for things to happen. Check this interview out now!!!

Greatest Achievement 

  • “Well, it’s a tough one because it’s a lot of different achievements from me literally advancing from the first round for the first time in 2013… that was definitely an achievement. Winning Summer Games in 2014, which is the biggest pot to date… Of course the stuff we’ve done for iStandard for Beast of the Beats and stuff like that. Going to the semi-finals of the Remi Martin Producer’s Series this year. There’s just many different opportunities and stuff I’ve had for success, but honestly the main achievement is just knowing I’ve moved forward.”

To hear some of Mark Cooper’s music, click on the album above.

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Greatest Advise Ever Received

  • “Don’t ever hope Mark. Hope gives the option and the opportunity for failure. We don’t hope, we do. Either you are going to do it or you don’t. Don’t ever hope.”

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