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Beats Grind & Life Podcast: Episode 065 Samarei

Sometimes we look wide and far to find talented producers to recruit onto the show, while overlooking the ones in our backyard. This week we got the talented Producer, DJ and Composer Samarei, from my hometown of Portland. He is an iStandard Producer Showcase Winner, which puts him in great company. He has worked with tons of great artists like Illmaculate, J. Pinder, The Olympicks, Trox and many more. Check out this interview to hear his story of persistence, his process of making samples and which legendary producer made him get his first piece of gear.  LISTEN NOW!!!

Greatest Achievement 

  • “It wouldn’t be a tangible like ‘I did a song with so and so’. I think the coolest thing for me is just getting to live the life I want to live and experiencing some things I would have never thought I got to do. From producing for people. They ended up needing a DJ and I ended up going to Canada. I got to get a passport for the first time. I got to leave the country. That was cool, I got to tour across the country and doing a show every night and playing at all these legendary clubs across the East Coast… The places I got to go, the people I got to like connect with and just learn from has been probably like the coolest thing for me.”

To hear some of Samarei’s music, click on the album above.

Equipment Currently In Studio

Must Have Plugin

Not So Secret Weapon

Book That Is A Must Read

  • Instruction manual for your gear.

Album That Is A Must Listen

Recommended Internet Resource

Greatest Advise Ever Received

  • “Overall, do you. I mean you can simplify it down to that. If it’s not something that you want to do, don’t do it. If it’s not something that is authentic to you, don’t do it. And, when someone tells you ‘you might be fucking up’, you might be. Don’t have an ego about it because that’s one of those things you have to get rid of if you want to be successful doing this.”

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