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Beats Grind & Life Podcast: Episode 064 Lectriq

This week we switched things up again.  We got the opportunity to talk to EDM and House producer Lectriq.  The Philadelphia Music Engineer turned producer drops tons of knowledge about learning the mechanics of music, internships and creating relationships within the music industry.  This is another great interview.  I learned a ton of info and know you will too.  Listen now!!!

Greatest Achievement 

  • “Last year I got invited to be on the Grammy Committee, like being involved with the Grammy situation in my chapter. So that’s kind of cool. Peers respect you and listen to your opinion and whatnot… Also, honestly anytime I collaborate with somebody or somebody comes and writes a song to one of my tracks, I consider that like an achievement. When someone spends their time and effort working with me I consider that like ‘Oh my god, somebody likes what I do and they want to work with me.’ That’s amazing. And that happens pretty often, and I consider all those sessions, all those relationships are like achievements.”

To hear some of Lectriq’s music, click on the album above.

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Greatest Advise Ever Received

  • “I was told that ‘If I’m a nice guy, I could go far’. So to elaborate on that… I guess I can be a nice guy, but what does that mean? And now, years later looking back and sort of remembering that piece of advice, I’m realizing the most important things in the music industry is relationships with people. It’s not the equipment, it’s not how talented you are, it’s the relationships with people that you can sustain and those relationships will sustain you going forward.”
  • “I think it’s important to be an intern. To spend some time being an intern. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how talented, how lucky, it doesn’t matter. None of that matters. You do need to spend time working under somebody who is doing it for real, who is doing it professionally and that you can learn from. But specifically under somebody that will make you feel uncomfortable for the price of growing and getting better.”

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