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Beats Grind & Life Podcast: Episode 060 Ka’miko

This week we switched things up a little bit.  We are giving you, the producers a different perspective.  This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the up and coming singer/songwriter Ka’miko.  She has worked with some superstar producers like The Olympicks, The Ratchet Gxds, Evo, Oscrowley, Bangallure and many more.  She sits down to tell us about the proper mindset to persist in the industry, what qualities she looks for in producers and how her father’s musical background has given her a leg up.  Check it out now!!!

Greatest Achievement 

  • “I actually covered one of Kaydence’s songs, ‘Codependence’, which was one of my favorite songs. The album came out. The second day I came to my room, I was like ‘you know what, let me just do this. I feel it in my spirit. Let me just cover this song and see what happens.’ You know, I had no idea. So I covered the song and tag her in it, I tagged Ratchet Gxds and everybody in it and she commented on it. I was like ‘oh shit! People bang with this?’ The video has horrible quality, it’s just the worse. But the fact that people got what I was trying to do and she loved it. She’s the artist that sang it. That was everything to me. Especially because they put that video on the iStandard page.”

Must Have Plugin

Book That Is A Must Read

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Greatest Advise Ever Received

  • “Know who you are before you start collabing with everybody. Be confident with who you are and what you can bring to the table, because once you start to conform, once you to become what that producer wants you to be, you are no longer different and you lose value. So figure out what your niche is in this writing game and in this arranging game and capitalize on that. Don’t try to be like anyone else cause you can’t. You won’t be.”

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