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Beats Grind & Life Podcast: Episode 059 Cornelio Austin

This week BJ The Chicago Kid’s manager and producer Cornelio Austin joins us. He talks about how he recreated his career by becoming an extrovert by building relationships and going to back to school. The Full Sail University alum and Grammy nominee also talks about how being forced to play music at a young age was the best thing for him and the importance of diversifying your skill set. Cornelio gives us so much valuable advise throughout the interview. I hope you have a pen and pad next to you.  LISTEN NOW!!!

Greatest Achievement 

  • “Taking my wife to the Grammy’s was definitely a dream come true last year. I always told myself I wouldn’t go unless we were nominated and so we did it. We had three nominations last year… One was my song and the other two weren’t my songs, but I participated in the album. Like you said, I am BJ The Chicago Kid’s… that’s my business partner… I would also be nominated as a part of the album as a whole and as a manager.”
  • The second proud moment is getting my degree in Entertainment Business. While I was in school is when me and BJ formed our partnership before he put out his legendary ‘Pineapple Now-Laters’ album. We did that together, independent. Everything changed… You know, got signed the same year. You know, it changed our live, literally. From independent guys grinding, you know we did good.”

To hear some of Cornelio Austin’s music, click on the album above.

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Greatest Advise Ever Received

  • From a friend: “You stay in the house, you don’t eat.”
  • From Cornelio: “To my aspiring artists and producers, go to school! Get your education. Learn how to play an instrument for real. Add value to yourself where you can’t be devalued by someone else, because when you’re educated you don’t look at your talent as the only thing you have. You look at being talented as an advantage, but you’re educated so you know how to make moves too.”

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