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Beats Grind & Life Podcast: Episode 053 Cain The Producer

Yes! we got another Ratchet Gxd on Beats Grind & Life.  This time, last but not least, we brought in Cain The Producer.  This MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST and 2015 iStandard Showcase winner talks to us about the formation of Ratchet Gxds, The Kaydence album and working 15 hours a day while still pursuing a music career.  This is a very dope interview.  You need to   LISTEN NOW!!!

Greatest Achievement 

  • “The thing that lets me know I went in the right direction, where it’s like yeah… is when I co-founded the Ratchet Gxds.”

To hear some of Cain’s music, click on the album above.

Equipment Currently In Studio

Must Have Plugin

Not So Secret Weapon

  • His Imagination

Book That Is A Must Read

Album That Is A Must Listen

Recommended Internet Resource

  • “Any website that teaches you chords”.

Greatest Advise Ever Received

  • Advise from Grandpa: “A fish wouldn’t get caught if it kept its mouth shut.” You got to listen to understand instead of responding.

How To Contact Cain

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